Radical Imagination: Week 9

Planning to discuss this topic was really exciting for me. I have been wanted to do something like this for a while, but really have been battling with self doubt when it comes to topics of this kind because I do not want to fall short. However, I enjoyed facilitating this with a group because it allows me to jump ideas off people and also get new ideas to make this experience meaningful for the participants.

I think we did well in facilitating the small groups and large discussion. It felt like it all connected, especially doing the concept mapping.  I personally enjoyed that part the best because it showed the connections we need to make to shape change in non-exclusive systems. I appreciated the comments made that discussed how this mapping validated ideas and possibilities on how we want the world to look like.  I also appreciated the efforts our colleagues made to make this topic fun to facilitate.

Art work retrieved from The Anarres Project for Alternative Futures 


3 thoughts on “Radical Imagination: Week 9

  1. No doubt, a huge topic the was handled quite well. You could do a whole class on the topic, so the introduction was good and hopefully will lead to more exploration. I know I learned and grew from the class and your group. Thanks for a wonderful job!


  2. I was so happy with our facilitation and the connections and insight that you made were so enlightening Catalina! I feel so fortunate that I get to work with you throughout my time here, I learn something from you every time you share your wisdom.


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